Speaker, Vietnam veteran and
Author of "What a Life"

Randy Kington

Vietnam veteran and author of "What a Life".

What a Life tells the story of a remarkable Marine and human being. It is testimony to the indomitable courage and determination of the great American that is Randy Kington. It is men like Randy Kington, United States Marine Corps, who made our nation great.”
--Brigadier General Gary Brown USMC (Ret)
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John Randall Kington grew up in Morristown Tennessee. After a typical childhood, Randy joined the Marine Corps on September 3, 1964, and proceeded from boot camp at Parris Island to the jungles of Vietnam within 10 months.

Randy was a rifleman and platoon radio operator with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines. On March 21, 1966, Randy’s platoon spearheaded an assault against the 21st North Vietnamese Army Regiment. Against overwhelming odds, Echo Co. lost 95 young Marines in a matter of moments. Before the Marines finally secured victory, Kington was shot in the neck and lost all feeling in his body.

Randy credits those seconds as the defining moment of his life. He realized his need to be right with God. From the 7.62 millimeter round tearing into his neck to landing hard off a rice paddy dike, Randy spent what seemed like minutes talking with the Lord and receiving His forgiveness.

Randy’s life since his injury is best summed up in the title of his autobiography--What a Life. He met his wife Patty, and went back to school achieving a Masters and CPA. Randy was an Associate Professor, Tax Partner, and with Patty, owned their own CPA firm. Randy credits the successes of his life to the faith gained from that battlefield conversion on March 21, 1966.

Randy Kington is positive proof that barriers can be overcome. Randy’s courage, his refusal to give up, and a strong faith in God sustained him through times that would defeat most. After 9 months of the most intense fighting of the Vietnam War, 19 year old Kington was severely wounded in an encounter with the enemy on March 21, 1966. The injury left him paralyzed from the chest down and in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

Randy’s life and inspirational message informs listeners about the price that was paid to triumph over the most difficult of obstacles and the rewards that came by overcoming.

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