Speaker, Vietnam veteran and
Author of "What a Life"

Randy is a bright beacon of light for the glory of God as a husband, father, businessman, writer, faithful church member, Sunday School teacher, and representative of the United States Military. The testimony of this gentle and gracious man of impeccable character and integrity is a powerful illustration of the love, mercy, and power of God. I highly recommend his book and hearing his story.” Dr Richard Emmert, Pastor of Manley Baptist Church

"I do not know when our church has been more blessed than with your wonderful testimony and biblical admonitions. I sat spellbound during each of your three messages.  My life will never be the same because of the way you touched it on Veterans Day weekend.  Your time with us was a thrilling trip through the jungles of Southeast Asia to a cross on a Middle Eastern hill. I hope we can have you back again in the future.  I know I would get a loud amen from our congregation on these sentiments,
Dr. Robert Petterson Senior Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church

"In a time when our beloved country is falling downward, Randy Kington's message is reassurance any American needs.  In his visit to our church, Randy shared his touching testimony of how God changed his life with a single bullet.  Not only did he intrigue the entire audience, but he uplifted and inspired everyone as well.  Randy Kington is truly a soldier of Christ, and a blessing to anyone who meets him."  Dr. Doug Sager, Pastor of Concord First Baptist Church

Randy and I are both retired Marines, injured in Vietnam, and patriots who consider it a privilege and honor to have served this great country.  We are also family men who thank God for sending selfless loving wives our way.  The best thing I can say about Randy is he genuinely loves our Heavenly Father.  His book, "What a Life" tells about the pride of being a Marine, experiencing combat, being injured, meeting Jesus Christ, and getting on with his life.  Everyone should read "What a Life" and attend one of his services.  Clebe McClary, Retired USMC

Randy Kington conects with people of all ages as he shares the amazing testimony of his conversion to Christ in Vietnam.  He is a delightful man.  Dr. Hollie Miller, Pastor of Sevier Heights Baptist Church

"Randy Kington inspired, challenged, and made every member of Grace proud to be an American.  His message, his testimony and his sincerity moved our members to tears and applause many times as he spoke.  If you are looking for a Marine veteran who is a picture of the sacrifice that many soldiers have paid for our freedom in America, I whole heartedly recommend Randy to you.  Your church will never forget him.  Dr Ron Stewart, Pastor of Grace Baptist

 Randy's testimony of meeting Jesus Christ on a jungle battlefield is one of the most powerful and inspiring messages my church has ever heard.  Randy spoke without notes for 35 minutes and held the congregation's attention for the entire time.  God used Randy's message to touch many hearts. I very much recommend reading his book, "What a Life" and listening to one of his messages. 
Dr. Joe Edwards, Pastor of The Church at Liberty Square

 We can never really appreciate the commitment, valor, and price that our Americans have given for our freedom until we take a walk in their world. The story is real, the man is real and no matter your opinion on war going in, “What a Life” will capture your heart as God has truly protected one of His children to provide this heroic, healing narrative. “What a Life” is the most heart pounding story of bravery and survival I know. The near misses, the loss of life, and the measures of valor, paint a visual picture that humbles us. Encounter the book today or attend one of his testimonials, you’ll never be the same”.
Edgar S. Gray, President of Morristown Kiwanis

Randy’s message was uplifting, informative, and inspiring. His program describing overcoming obstacles was one of the best ones we have had in the 25 years I’ve been a Lions Club member.
Terry Hackney, V.P. First Tennessee Bank

“In over 10 years, we have never had a speaker receive a standing ovation; Randy received 3!
Joe Adams, President of 2,000 member Pelican Bay Association


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