Speaker, Vietnam veteran and
Author of "What a Life"

Photo Archive (page two):

Third Platoon Echo Company, Second Battalion 4th Marines  12-23-1965

Receiving the keys to a new Oldsmobile from Oaks Motor Co--2-3-1967

Parris Island with mom just before graduation--November 15,1964

Parris Island with sister Terri just before Graduation--Nov. 15, 1964

My beautiful wife Patty in 1966

Johnny, his wife Anna, Josh, Gentry, Josh Jr., Patty and me-Christmas 2004

November 13, 2005, at Celebration Community Church in Naples,

Patty, me, and General Peter Pace at Tom Monahan's Marine Gala

2/4 Reunion of members of 1965-66 Echo Company in front of the Iwo Jima Monument


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