Speaker, Vietnam veteran and
Author of "What a Life"

Photo Archive (page one):
From left to right: General Coyne, General Brown, Randy, Tom Monahan, and General Krulak


generally surrounded
Left to right, General Brown, Randy, and General Krulak

President Johnson visited in May 1966

Randy and General Brown meet for the first time in 36 years on April 6, 2002.

First Sunday in which I wore the dress blues at Victory Church of God in Greeneville, TN

Telegram Capt. Krolak delivered to my mom on March 22. 1966

This is JT Townsend who was hurt playing football his Senior year.  Vicki and Harry Pappas introduced me to JT at Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church.  JT is one of the most courageous persons I've ever met.  He would have made a great Marine!


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